Sunday, May 20, 2007

Right now I'm waiting for a DVD to finish burning. Lindy and I recently bought Vegas Movie Studio + DVD. Basically, it is video editing software and DVD creation software. We've had a DVD burner for about 2 years, but we had no idea how to use it so it acted as our CD-ROM the whole time. Finally we are starting to create family videos. I would put them on here, but with a dial-up connection it would be ridiculous. (Sorry Jim, none of my new neighbors have wireless networks. Stupid North Davis County folks – Get with the times!)

Anyway, so we made a photomontage for our mothers for mother’s day. We made ourselves a copy. Apparently, Sydney thinks it’s the coolest thing since ice cream. She loves to look at pictures of family members, that and the songs we put on there are songs we sing to her everyday. So, Sydney (even as I’m writing this) is watching the video and shouting out “Nana!” (Savannah’s nickname) to her own baby pictures. All babies apparently look like Savannah. She loves to sing with the music. Usually she’ll get at least 3 words from a phrase/sentence and mumble the rest of them. It’s hilarious to listen to. When the video ends she shouts out “Again!” and we watch the video over and over and over and over. Ha! That’s what we get to do as parents of little children, watch their favorite videos over and over again.

When I went to get Sydney out of bed this morning she was jumping in her crib as if it was a trampoline and shouting “Bounce!” Then she started practicing her colors (red, blue, purple, yellow). She loves to practice colors and numbers. Whenever she sees a number she starts counting and then yells “Blast off!” (too much Little Einstein apparently). Kids sure do make life interesting.

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dan said...

That's great, Bob. I think home videos are the best. And it sure is fun to be able to make your own. They will make very special memories for years to come.